Newborn boa advice

alright boa breeders, now is your time to shine.

i was just given two, two day old red tail boas from someone who had an accidental litter and didn’t know how to take care of the babies and needed them gone. ive never owned boas until now, but i have lots of experience with handling and have a pretty good grasp on care. i am aware of what im getting myself into lol

baby one: 59.56 grams, umbilical cord is gone. hasn’t had first shed, but very obviously about to.

baby two: 61.96 grams, umbilical cord is still attached, hasn’t shed but is obviously about to.

I set both babies up in separate 56 quart tubs, paper towel substrate, a regular hide and a humid hide as well. both also have water dishes. trying to keep it basic to keep an eye on health better.

hot side currently reading at 84, but cool side is yet to be determined because i just set these tubs up and im sure adjustments need to be needed.

how is this set up sounding(remember, its very basic and very temporary. just want to ensure they’re healthy)? do they seem like they’re a healthy newborn weight? when should i offer food for the first time and what size? are they picky regarding live or f/t?

both babies are very alert and active. I only handled long enough to weigh them. i can 100% get pictures if need be.

thank you guys in advance!


also, i have no idea if they’re true red tails, thats what they were given to me as. as soon as they shed ill make sure ill post pictures for yall to help me ID

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Your doing good, just keep the humidity pretty high until they’ve shed out.

If you can get that hot spot up a few more degrees, you should be fine.

You can offer food once they’ve shed, how soon is up to you.
They can go a long time without a first meal usually, so you don’t have to offer as soon as they shed out.
You can try offering F/T but, if you want to save your self stress, just offer live the first time or 2.

This way you know they’ve had some food, and if they don’t take the F/T, it’s no biggy.
I think that covered it… lol

Congrats on the new ones!


thank you so much for the advice! ive raised difficult hatchlings before, but they also weren’t boas. They’re one of my dream snakes so when someone came to me asking for some help i knew i needed to do something… so now my collection has grown by two more lol!


I should have clarified that I’ve never taken care of True Red Tails that young (Boa Constrictor), only morph Columbians…
But they seem to be pretty similar, so until they’re first shed, they like it warm and wet.
After that, your standard care is good to go.

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