Newer member from PA

Awesome looking snakes, what morphs are they?

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Two new pick ups
Orange dream sugar female

Pastel enchi redstripe 100% het clown male


One on the left is a super pastel enchi SK axanthic male

The right is a firefly SK axanthic female.

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Beautiful snakes!!! I see several id like to see in my own home amd plans

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That is such a nice example of sugar. Whom did you pick it up from if you dont mind me asking?

I bought from a member on here but she’s originally from mike willbanks. I also own one of her brothers and he’s got pastel in him besides OD and sugar

That’s the brother to the OD sugar female above

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This guy just came in. Genetic stripe Ghost. I love this guy.


This is drool worthy :drooling_face:

Is low key one of my favorite double recessives lol super nice love it!

Mike always has good examples of sugar. I need to just go to his facility one weekend and pick one up :joy:

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Two new pick ups: top female orange dream fire enchi

Bottom: male orange dream 100% het pied


Those are some great examples of OD!

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Awesome collection! Keep on keeping on!

Picked this guy up today at the FedEx hub.
Super orange dream, ghost.


This little guy showed up today. Have a lot of plans for him in the future.

Pastel desert ghost.


Very very nice!

One of the best combos overall.

Very clean and bright. Congratulationsom your new addition.

This guy came today from Royal Constrictor Designs Super OD, Enchi, Fire, possible Yellow Belly.