Newer member from PA

Been out of the reptile game for 10 years now.
I remember going to the Hamburg reptile show, and starting to see some of the newer ball python morphs and saying damn, no way I can afford them lol. Fast forward 10 years and I’m at my local pet shop and see the beautiful pastel Mojave. My daughter loved her she’s 9 and decided to pull the trigger on her.

Then I was googling different morphs and came across this site. Man that was bad. At least for my bank account. I always wanted to breed but never got around to actually doing it. My daughter took a real interest and started asking about breeding them. So we sat down and figured what we kind of projects we wanted to get into. We decided on orange dream, and ultramel. Along with some piebald. So here are pics of what we got so far. The two spiders are “pets” only. I’m not breeding spider.

The girl that started all off again.
Pastave (female)

Killer queen bee pet only (female)

Albino piebald should shed any day now

Banana clown (male)

BEL (butter Mojave) (female)

Bamboo sugar (female)

Candino (female)

Sugar bee pet only (female)

Super black pastel 100% het piebald poss calico (male)

GHI Mojave 100% het ghost (male)

Piebald (female) should be here this week

Orange dream ultramel (male)

Orange dream butter (female)

Orange dream vanilla (female)

Pastel orange dream sugar (male)

Super orange dream yellow belly (female)

Orange dream fire clown (female)

Pastel orange dream genetic stripe (female)

Pastel enchi red stripe 100% het clown (male)
Will be shipped after the holidays

Orange dream 100% het clown (male) no picture yet.

So what do you all think? Even if I don’t breed I’m really happy with what I got and very happy I have something that my daughter and I are both into and can do together.


Welcome to the community and welcome back to reptiles! You have some pretty heavy-hitting snakes for pets, but most importantly, they provide some quality time for you and your daughter to spend together. I find that more valuable than the snakes themselves.

Enjoy that time and enjoy the amazing animals!



Thanks. I’m gonna have some more heavy hitters coming. Sorry those pics are horrible. Don’t due the colors justice. I’ll have to get some in natural light. All my orange dream stuff is from Ozzys line.


Welcome back to the reptile world & welcome to our community!

You have some AMAZING snakes already.

It’s great you & your daughter have something to do together. My eldest, aged 7, has decided he would like a BP. His getting first pick on our first babies that we produced this year.

I’m hoping to set up an enclosure in his room (with a lock) for his birthday so he can have his new pet in his room :crossed_fingers:

Look forward to many more pics and updates as to how you & your daughter get on :grin:

Reptiles are bad for the bank :moneybag: I’ve spent so much money on Reptiles :scream: but then any hobby worth while will cost money, at least that’s what I tell hubby :grin:


Yay some more pics. All are stunning!! :heart_eyes:


Welcome to the community! You have some seriously nice stuff!


Welcome back to the scaly side and welcome to the community.
You have a gorgeous collection !



There’s some better pics then last night with my orange dream stuff. And thanks everyone I really like the community here on this site.


Welcome to the community! You have very nice snakes, very high quality. I would try to pair similar things together. For example I wouldn’t pair your Albino Pied male to your Orange Dream Fire Clown female. Mainly because you would be producing hets and the visual recessives aren’t used to their full potential. Also, figure out goals that you want to work towards. Breeding without a purpose isn’t ideal and doesn’t really get anywhere for breeding.


These pictures have me drooling on my keyboard. Some awesome snakes there!


No. I get what your saying. Most have pairs. Example: orange dream fire clown is going with my pastel enchi red stripe het clown.

My albino pied will get a pied female het albino

My pied female will go with my orange dream het pied.

Orange dream vanilla to my super O/D yellow belly (not pictured he’s not here yet)

And so on. I need to get. A few more O/D ultramel


Pictures never do the animals justice. Can’t wait to see what you pick up in the future!


New little pied girl showed up today


Welcome to the community and omg you have a very nice collection. The bank account is unfortunately going to continue to hurt, but it’ll be worth it in the end!

I agree to pair visuals to hets of the recessive, but I also wouldn’t turn down putting a visual and visual (separate recessives) together. Those double recessives will be a good chunk of change depending on what you’re able to produce, and what you decide not to keep. I try to make 1/2 clutches of something I’m not interested in, but I’ve seen others working the project. It gives me an opportuniuty to provide or help people move up a few years earlier.

In the end though, always go for the projects that interest you and things you want to make.


Off to steal this snake, no joke.


I’ve definitely got a lot to learn and think about but I have time. And honestly making money would be great, but it’s not necessary. Spending the time with my daughter is was counts for me. All the snakes and stuff is a tax write off, for me this year. We’ll see what comes of it, I just want to make sure she’s having fun with this new little project of ours.

That little bamboo/sugar girl was from mike willbanks. She’s super shy, but when she’s out for a bit she’s very chill. I really like her pattern.


That combo works exceptionally well imo! Super nice!


I agree. I really like the calico and sugar genes. Especially with orange dream, and I seen some very impressive calibees as well. It’s crazy how far these morphs have come from when I was going to the reptile shows. I remember, the pastels, albino’s, and genetic stripe. None I could afford. And I remember sometime around the 2010-2011 seeing the bels online. I wanted one sooo bad. So my bel was my 2nd when I got back into this hobby.


New pick-ups from JD constriction


Stunning pickups! :heart_eyes: