Next move for breeding/pairing?

Well, Iam trying to make my mind for summer, what to get for pairing to these…:thinking: I have now my own “starting pack” with genes I like. What do you think I should get or do with them :thinking::relieved::smile:

Males: Mojave, Mojave Fire, Pastel 100%het G-stripe.
Females: Pastel G-Stripe, Hurricane lesser Yellow belly, Pewter lesser.

I think maybe all males are ready to breed next season, If I take ofc Adult females and from females only Pewter lesser is ready in pairing age/size.

I really think I would like have(or breed?) the most lightest morphs and most darkest morphs :see_no_evil: maybe black pastel, black head…


Well. Couldn’t resist. Pattern disturber :relieved::heart_eyes_cat:
Butter Leopard het albino female, 17’