Nice Clutch Hatching

Nice clutch hatching :heart:
CORAL GLOW (female maker) SPINNERBLAST HET PIED x HET PIED :heart_eyes::heart::heart_eyes:Uploading: A9411A9A-CD6A-4219-92AE-3E37A01EF0CF.jpeg… Uploading: 760242EB-0003-4DFA-8B26-47D3711C5F7D.jpeg…


Seems this picture never loaded properly Darren :thinking:… i dont suppose you still have them to post?


Sorry mate no, it from august 2019 it says lol
It does seem to struggle even now though loading stuff and only being able to load 5 pics at a time means to break some posts up into 3 or 4 posts and seems to take a long time to load fully?
Not moaning (well maybe just a little bit) just if your not aware and it is something you can look at or you know about it but it is what it is :slight_smile:
Yours most sincerely
Darren x

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It appears they have updated or changed their photo packaging software recently. If I’m at home (very rural poor internet) it’s been historically impossible for me to upload photos without cropping. A few weeks ago that changed and it no longer struggles to upload photos on slower connections or at least on mine.

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