Nice looking sunglow

Here is one of my 2016 adult Sunglows. I love her head and tail pattern. Plan on breeding her next year. She still need a little more weight on her before I breed her. I will probably pair her up with my super Sunglow. Haven’t named her yet. Takes me years to name my boas. It’s got to fit there looks and personally. But I am up for suggestions?


Tang like tangerine :tangerine:

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She’s amazing! The third picture makes it look like there’s eyes on the top of the head. :rofl:

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I like Tang but that sounds like a male named me not a female name.

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Lol some people names girls Kevin. But if you want a girl name go with Xanthe, it mean blond in Greek. Or you could go with Clementine meaning mercy or gentle.

You could go with nectarine, beauty or athena.

Name her Akasha!