Nido Virus in Ball Pythons

Hey guys, first time posting but it’s for an important issue. We recently learned about a virus in ball pythons called Nido Virus and have learned a ton about it since then. We decided to put all that information together and make a video. We will be going live on Facebook on Saturday 4/25 at 2:00 pm EST doing a full video about the virus, our experience, the scientific explanation of the virus, the species it affects, and a Q&A section at the end. You can find it on our Facebook page Royal Flush Reptiles and tune in for the video. If you have questions you think we should cover go ahead and post them here or on our posts and we will feature them in the video.


Have you spoken with Cody and Pia of Terrestrials and Arboreals/Fishhead Diagnostics?

Have you listened to the Nido round-panel discussion from this year’s South East CarpetFest?

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I have spoken with Fish Head Diagnostic. I have also spoken to Dr. Stahl one of the co-authors of the articles about Nido virus. I have watched all the videos and read all the articles on it I have been able to get my hands on.