Night Handling- yay or nay

Don’t think I’ve ever read or heard about the topic of handling your balls after dark :drum::drum::rofl: My little guy has been out and about the last few nights at 8:30 on the dot, like he can see the clock. He was fed last night, so I doubt he’s too hungry(been chilling on top of the cork flat I feed him at). So what’s the verdict if he comes out again tomorrow night?
will leave him to digest tonight.


I usually give mine a couple of days, at least two, before I handle them after a feeding. But as far as night handling goes, absolutely!


If it is just for cleaning purposes i try to do that in the daytime and therefore move the snakes mostly in the daytime. My Pythons just seem to be a little more alert and more easily startled by movement when handled at nightime but i guess that’s because they associate night with feeding. Haven’t been bitten yet :crossed_fingers:

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I handle mine at various times. Initially it was only at night.

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I don’t handle mine at night as a general rule. Primarily, I want them conditioned to know nighttime is feeding time. I make exceptions, but I really stick to this conditioning rule. I handle in the afternoons when I clean, and feed at night only.

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Since I feed at night when they become active, opening the rack at night generates a feed response. During the day when I clean, the most I get is a grumpy sleepy “go 'way, boss” hiss. We handle when we clean and in late afternoon on non feed days, they do fine.

We thaw the rats in the snake room, so they can smell that it’s feed day. If they haven’t smelled food, the adults are generally cool at night. The juveniles have a food response at night no matter what, but I think that’s just being a teen, always hungry.

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