Nighttime temp drops

What does everyone set their rack nighttime temps for when getting ready to breed? Or do you just leave the temps alone? Im only asking because im getting so many different answers.


I do not change it. It stayed the same year round. Room ambient temps change per season, and this will cause some tub temp changes.


Agree with @d_y_python when I first started breeding I thought it was so important (per a lot of resources) for a night time temp drop. So I did a drop of 8-10 degrees so low seventy’s at night. I did have success breeding, but also in my opinion got a few more snakes unwilling to go back on food right away after laying for females and after breeding season for males. Also i stopped doing this for fear of snakes developing respiratory infections from lower then optimal temps. Now instead of drops in temp I pay attention to the snakes seeking cooler areas, water dish wrapping, ect. As well as pair during storms and even misting a little if not many storms/moisture are happening around breeding time. I have had no different or even better results!(have more breeding snakes from when I first started) so I advise not to drop temps for ball pythons, more cons then positives from my perspective. Good luck!

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Me too. first year last year all locked readily and zero slugs. In fact, I didn’t even use the season, I put them together when ready, like banereptiles states, observing behaviour. Although I do it when ever that was throughout the year, same this year.