No fireworks but they're just as pretty

:male_sign:Female Maker Banana Clown
:female_sign:Banana Clown


Those are amazing!

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Super pretty babies, those colours are almost unreal!! :heart_eyes: I love banana clown, definitely one of my favourite combos.

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Omg stop they’re bloody gorgeous! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

I cannot wait for female banana mojave het clown and female banana enchi het clown to grow to be paired to my clown :sob:

They’re so beautiful :black_heart:
My goodness please update as they grow 🥹


They look like fireworks to me! They are gorgeous @colezdanis. These are holdbacks I presume?

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One of my favorite, love them. I want one so bad. But my truck is in the shop.:frowning:

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yeah the female probably will be :banana: