Non toxic/reactive products

Hi, I’m hoping the make some pieces for viv using polystyrene (so i can tailor to individual needs) but need to use something to seal it - I’ve read up a bit and can see people suggest grout and then pva glue or yaught varnish to seal and also that Accrylic paint is also safe to use apparently, I have pva glue (one for kids) but some people have said it goes white and soft in contact with water n which case i deem it not really suitable for the job, I have bought a pva adhesive and sealent (for adult use) along with powder grout and yaught varnish from Wilkinson and i also have Brunel and Franklin artist acrylic paint i could use… I am slightly apprehensive about using any of them until I find out more about the safety of the use of these products… I welcome any feedback from anyone which more knowledge on this topic please…


I honestly dont like the sound of any of those options, Id imagine they’d all fume off as they dry - I KNOW the acrylic paint does. PVA I think is water soluble. Only thing i could kind of suggest would be the waterproof silicone sealant. It does fume with a citrus type smell for a couple of days but its definately waterproof and should adhere - just a matter of shapes really and the mess you’ll make doing it.

Fumes as drying would not be an issue as the items would be made outside of the vivs and only placed in when completely dry and fume free-its more if any of the products are reactive to heat and water after they have taken the time to dry…? I saw silicone sealent on shelf but it didn’t look suitable to cover a large surface area (its not to seal the viv itself but to create something that could be made with polyestyrine to put inside the viv…)


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