Noob intro & salutations

Greetings! My friends call me “Bones.” Y’all can, too.
I’m brand new to being an owner of a very scant collection of ball pythons. Prior to VA declaring its lockdown, when tensions were gathering speed and the world outside was beginning to become super scary, my hubby and I decided that we ought to hunker down and face a mutually-shared fear we both had: a fear of snakes.
Allow me to say it has been a very rewarding experience. We’ve had our slithery companions for less than 6 months now & to be quite honest: i simply can not see myself NOT having our “noodles.”

They’re part of our small little family now & our child absolutely loves them, too.
I look forward to learning from everyone here and finding my own (eventual) breed niche along the way.

I just wanted to introduce myself and share with you my journey thus far - despite being a noob to it all, I’ve found patience, compassion, gentleness, and even learned to discern the different quirks of each of our ball pythons’ personalities…
They are so unique and I just… I love them. They’re amazing and I’m still learning as I go along. It’s why I’ve created a profile here, actually: to continue learning the do & don’t stuff from other ball python enthusiasts, hobbyists, breeders, collectors and sellers alike.

Thanks for having me.


Welcome! I’m glad you were able to overcome your fear of snakes, they’re really awesome animals to keep.
I hope you enjoy it here! :grin:


Thank you.

I’m super excited about it, too… Especially considering how quickly the fear just melted away.

As soon as the lid came off and a beautiful young chocolate mojave slithered onto my hand and “looked” up at me… I was hooked… I said, “I am your hooman… For always.” And i named her Psyche…
She was our 2nd.

Our first was an Orange Dream and we named him Phobos, after the Greek God of Fear… He helped us overcome most of our fears pertaining to snakes to begin with.

Sorry for the wall of text. I’m just happy i got a reply, is all.

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Welcome to the community Bones :grin:

I’m curious as to where you got your nickname, you got to have done some metal stuff to get branded Bones :yum::joy:

I’m glad both yourself and your husband grew out of your fear of snakes together, you know the old saying… “Those that hold snakes together, stay together”… Alright nobody says that, but they should :joy:.

Feel free to post any and every picture you have of your scaled friends :blush:


Wellcome. This is awesome place to be noooobie :heart_eyes: There are lots of things to learn, though we have ten of them allready… :heart:

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Tom you’re to much sometimes man!! Just freakin hilarious :joy::joy:.

Jokes aside, welcome to the community! And I must say, that’s a perfect name for your OD, especially since he helped you get over the fear of snakes.
Congratulations on joining our hobby and I wish you well in your endeavors :grin:.


Welcome, nice to see another person struck with the snake addiction.:grin: but be careful, I caught it about a year and a half ago and I have just finished shopping for Het desert ghosts. I just counted up my snakes,these 2 make…33 (we are not mentioning the huge tegu free roaming in my reptile room, or that I just moved into the second spare bedroom. For my skinks,spiders, and frogs.) You did know that a snake addiction can quickly turn into a reptile, amphibian, arachnid…addition.:grin:


Welcome aboard! This is one of the best if not the best place to interact with other herp lovers! Also, if you ever have a question never hesitate to ask on here since everyone is so friendly and I also recommend looking into the great articles that one of our newest mods @eaglereptiles is putting together!

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Welcome to the community Bones!

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Oh, the nickname?? Haha… That’s a layered answer:
1… I’m damn near skin & bones
2… Bones fascinate me – i find them to be the origin of the beauty in death
3… I collect them - I’ve quite an extensive collection of various kinds
4: I’m an amateur sculptor; i not only collect them but i use bones in most of my pieces & sometimes i just paint them.
5… As a result of ^^^^ all of my friends’ kids started calling me “Auntie Bones” and the name stuck.


Due to space & that we’re “operating” out of my house, we’ve decided that our 6 mains will provide us with a max capacity of 20 for now… When we decide to mate our confirmed breeder with our adult male, we’ve wiggle room to work with.


This is the most wonderful thing I have seen all day. So happy you guys got some snakes! I have always liked snakes and have a fear of spiders. Since getting into the Ball Python “scene” I have noticed a lot of “collectors” also have tarantulas; a scary thought I had was “I could consider a Tarantula…” XD
So glad you’re here!


Hello! New myself. USAF vet getting back into being a herp owner. I use to own chameleons back about 13 years ago. Veiled and a panther. Unfortunately the panther died on me as a juvenile(it was very lethargic when I got him), was eaten by crickets, and the veiled did extremely well but I had to surrender him due to being transferred to S Korea. Now that I am at a point in my life where I can afford to care for reps again, I have bought a panther cham(wild caught here in Florida) and a baby leopard gecko. Tuesday I will be picking up my favorite type of morph BP which is pied. It is a female hatchling with a jack-o-lantern emoji from a breeder on this site. Super excited and been tweaking the enclosure to make sure it is perfect. Looking into possible future pairing combos. Already planning on naming her Freyja. My cham is named Loki, and the leo is unnamed until I can confirm the sex.

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That’s incredible! Thank you for your service @dalvarez84 and so happy you’ve come back and are able to start again with owning reptiles! The pied you are picking up sounds amazing and I wish you all the best with her!

Thanks! I forgot to add, the breeder is currently feeding live. The BP will have roughly 3 feedings before I get her, and I was curious to how people got new BPs and converted them to F/T.

Edit: Oh yes, and also, at what time do you convert them to rats from mice? I plan on asking them same questions to the breeder when I pick her up.

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Give this a quick read over, you should find it useful …

Changing Your Ball Python Over to a Frozen Diet



Thank you all for the information & warm welcomes.
As for feeding, they’re all eating live now… I’m so proud of them…

I don’t have a lot of pictures on my phone currently of them, but i believe i have some (digitally altered into a comic) of our adult male, Ophidian, and us. He’s my buddy!

Thanks for having us; welcome to the family.