Normal and pastel heat drop

I have a 3 to 3 1/2 foot normal aka Steve and a new pastel het clown aka Sylvester thats a juvenile. Heres my delima my normal in a 30 gal tall reptile cage hince he loves his climbing log to bast. I make sure lights are off at night so it dont dry out the humidity and i lose heat at night even with a heating pad. Both cages are around 62 to 66 degrees when i get back up the next day. Humidity is good it stays around 50 to 60 percent depending on if im cooking noodles or not. So my question would be if they are at 62 to 66 at night if its ok. They seem to be very active when i seen the temp this morning and well just would like a little more fees back due to i have been told over the years keep cage warm for day and let it cool at night as thats mother nature in the wild.!

That is a pretty low drop for BPs. You don’t really want the temps going under 75°F as low temp fluctuations like that can lead to illness. Do you have an UTH with a thermostat hooked up to it? Or insulation on the outside of the tank of some kind? You could also get ambient temps in the room for them higher.


No but im thinking of using like a red or a blue light at night to help with it this way its still dark and it wont hurt the humidity

So the thing about ball pythons is active doesn’t always mean happy. In fact, when I see a ball python being overly active it usually indicates stress or that something in their enclosure isn’t right. In this case, it’s very clearly temperature. Ball pythons do best with a cool side of ~75+ degrees F and a warm side of ~88F. 62-66 degrees is absolutely not ok, and is asking for problems with everything from digestion to respiratory infections. If you want to keep the tank warm without adding in light use a ceramic heat emitter (CHE) or a radiant heat panel

Ball pythons are from Africa. Unless your ambient temperatures are similar to what they would experience in the wild in Ghana, you need to supply your ball pythons with heat sources. Letting them cool at night by several degrees is fine, 62-66 is not fine.


I went and got better heat pads and a thermostat for them so will see how that works also plus got another blue light for another light source at night. My temps and humidity is spot on during the day it was just at night.