“Normal” Beardie Morph

I got my first beardie from Petsmart (I didn’t know any better) and he was sold as a “fancy.” Obviously they don’t give you any good or helpful information. As he gets older and sheds he has more orange and yellow on him each time. His base color is a very pale tan. He also now has a small random bright orange spot that’s just popped up on the right side of the top of his head. Most of the identification posts I’ve seen, with dragons that look slightly similar, everyone says they’re a “normal.” What does that mean exactly? Because I thought that normal beardies were a lot darker in color and didn’t have much orange/yellows on them. I can provide pictures - but I have a feeling I’ll just be told he’s normal. However, there are things about him that don’t look “normal” and I feel as though there might be some other specific morphs that created him - but I’m no expert. What exactly characterizes a normal beardie?


welcome to the forum! some pictures would help greatly with ID!


Add some pics! :blush:

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