Normal? Dinker? Something else?

Picked up this girl as a het pied. Probably just a normal, but she has some really intense black and interesting speckling on her sides. Do you see anything else going on here?

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If you search normal ball pythons here on morphmarket and organize the results by oldest birth and include animals previously sold, you’ll see pages of seriously cool normals that proved out to be exactly that.

If you purchased it as a het pied, it’s most likely just a normal het pied. The only way to answer your wondering is to reproduce it, and then breed that animal back to it or to another animal you’re sure possesses the traits. By the time you do that, unless you’ve discovered something new, you’ve wasted a lot of time and rack space. Which is totally acceptable, if you’re ok with that ( I do it all the time :wink: )

To be completely honest with you, I have a couple proven normal het pieds that look a lot wilder than this one does. Most of my proven hets that show the het influence visually look like something cooler than they actually are.