Normal hognose

First 2 pics are the oddball dark male I hatched in 2018. 3rd pic is father and son. 4th and 5th pic are 2 males I held back


Was the female a anaconda?

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No, the mother is a normal. Both original parents are normals.

The one with the black belly looks like an anaconda. But I’m not an expert on hognoses I only have a small group of 4.

Yea that solid black belly through me off when he first hatched. Since then I’ve been told that bellies don’t mean as much as most people think.

Pattern of the one looks anaconda as well.

The pattern on it looks like a normal. I would say it is just a dark normal. There are dark line hognose that have solid black bellies and aren’t anacondas.


This first two look almost like axanthics! So pretty!

It really doesn’t, my Shadow line stuff from Lasse have solid black bellies too.

Nice looking group of holdback!


These are 100% normals. I held back the oddball dark male to play around with a dark normal line.

Normals throw a wide range of colors and patterns including their bellies. Some colors and patterns can be reproduced. Others are just oddballs.