Normal or low expression conda?

Just fir fun, what do you guys think oisin is. Normal, or low exlression anaconda?

Genetically he could be a conda. A parent was.


I think he’s a normal because he doesn’t have and all black belly or even one with just 2-3 spots he also seems to be to heavily patterned but I’m not a hognose expert by any means here’s a pic of my conda for reference I don’t have any belly pics though


So heres an interesting tidbit. My superconda also has belly spots like oisin does (small, infrequent). I have a pair of conda albinos as well, so uve got the whole gamut.

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Oh really that’s super interesting I’ve never seen one with spots on it’s belly! Do you have a picture

The other thing I see is there is no “white walls” witch to my understanding is another way to tell conda but that could just be the angle

I just fed everyone so ill have to curcle back to take pics of bellys in a couple days

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