Normal or Russo

this girl was sold as a normal dh albino clown was looking at pics and seen she looks alot like a russo any input would be appreciated

parents russo clown×albino


You are probably going to have to prove this one out for sure to be russo, it is possible that the color is lighter than a typical normal because it is dh albino clown.


There are a number of phenotypes that can “look” like something else in ball pythons, until you breed it or without good reason to, I wouldn’t assume you have anything other than what you purchased. Like WR said, the unusual color is likely due to it being double het, sometimes these things shine through.


ty we was just wondering but we have a couple that can prove her but wont happen till 2nd breeding season for her going for albino clowns first love the way they look and want to make and not buy :grin:

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What Mary said, certain genes can greatly influence some animals especially dealing with het clowns.

That’s awesome good luck! I know the feeling wanting to hatch that combo you always dreamed of vs buying! (Why I still don’t have a black eye lucy… :sob: :sweat_smile: )