Normal? Or something else?

This little guy was just given to me by a mom whose son went off to college. I know nothing about him at all since she couldn’t answer any of my questions (not sure why she didn’t just ask her son, but whatever lol).
He looks like a normal to me. I think he’s really pretty.
Does anyone think there’s something else going on? Or is he another morph?


Looks like a very nice normal to me! Good eye! Enjoy, morphs are just their paint jobs, all ball pythons can make great pets!


I agree. He has a great temperament and is healthy. I don’t breed so I couldn’t ask for more. I think it’s interesting that some have this belly pattern and some don’t. I like the white up his sides too.


He surely is very pretty! Congratulations!:snake::wink:

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I think you nailed it with being a normal. Enjoy your new pet. They do make good pets, especially around kids.