Normal or something else?

Hey everyone!

I’m brand new to this community but I’ve been keeping snakes for nearly a decade. I may have a lot of experience with setups and feeding and temperaments, but I’m still learning about morphs and breeding with the hopes to produce a clutch in the next couple years.

This here is my girl Hera, I rescued her from petsmart. I knew the employees at the time and had them dig into her records. She was being kept with 3 other juveniles (slightly bigger than hatchling - and I’m not sure if my terminology is correct) in a 12" cube display. Long story short there were no records for her when petsmart received her so I have no history or idea how old she is or what her morph is.

I was wondering if you experts had any ideas. I believe she’s simply a normal but thought I’d ask!

Thanks for your time and apologies if this post is labeled incorrectly.

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Normal :+1:


Thank you!