Normal pied or pastel pied?

So my hubs bought this snake for our son, which he if fabulous for, but we got him before we thought anything about genetics and stuff. We know he was a breeder but the guy we got him from was killed before we could get his exact breeding. Small town dude, didnt have much so no one really knew.
This guy has a fabulous temperament and he’s not going anywhere regardless but do y’all think he’s pastel pied or normal pied? Or maybe even something else.


I think he has more going on than just pied. Could be pastel.


what a beauty :heart_eyes:

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@westridge It’s so hard to tell since he has such little color.

@cwdanger Thank ya! he’s a good boy!

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He looks like he’s got maybe a paradox in him with those little black spots and what I’ve heard.:heart: It could be a pastel Paradox pied try saying that ten times fast L​:smile:L​:kiss::revolving_hearts:

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