Normal pied or pyro pied

in fire het. pied X pied
this normal pied or pyro pied


I believe that to be a fire pied. Some pieds show higher expressions of orange and yellows. From the pieds I’ve owned( I’ve owned over 6 pieds) that looks different than the ones I’ve had.
I’m no expert but usually I have a good eye for genetics in balls.


thank you bro

Of course. That’s a beautiful snake, congrats.


thank you bro :grin:

That’s so :cool: I just got my first ball pied this past Wednesday and I absolutely love her she is beautiful but I’d like to know what mail snake I can breed with her to help highlight and intensify the orange color in their offspring if it’s not an orange blast a lemon blast on orange dream I like to intensify the White and the coloring on the patterns if it’s possible so what pattern War would be good for that for their offspring and wonder?

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