Normal x banana cinnamon

This will be my first pair of all time!! I’m excited. What do you think?


I personally wouldn’t make that pairing given the overpopulation of normals and single gene morphs, but I guess as long as you have a plan :woman_shrugging:


They’re mainly for me to keep as my first clutch. Also I don’t think you can get enough of normals! They’re just as amazing as any other morph.


You should be getting normals, bananas, cinnamons, and/or banana cinnamons. If im not mistaken. Not sure about the percentage without looking at the calculator.


You can get enough normals when a large amount end up in rescues (or worse) because people don’t care about a $40 snake. As long as you plan on keeping them it is fine though.


Sounds good man! Breed whatever you want to be honest. Even if they are not expensive or fancy morphs. Breeding ball pythons is rewarding and you will have fun with it.


I’ll be keeping most of them. Depending on how many normals I produce, I’ll be giving them to a couple friends who are first time ball python owners and just want to start out. I also paired these two as my first time to get experience in. Thanks for your reply!

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Yep! I love both banana and cinnamon genes so I wanted to produce them for my personal collection. It’ll also be my first time to get some experience in.

It’ll definitely be rewarding for me, I’ll accept any baby I produce, normal or not.