North Carolina Locality Southern Toads Bred For The First Time

I could be wrong, but I believe this is the first time North Carolina locality Southern Toads have been bred in captivity. Southern Toads are a rarely produced species, and the few other people who I’ve seen successfully get them to spawn were all using Florida bloodlines. My first Southern Toad spawn came from wild caught Florida bloodlines, and after getting my hands on hundreds of Southern Toads over the past few years, I can definitely say that the North Carolina locality animals while rare in the hobby seem genetically to be quite different from the Florida Southern Toads even though they are the same species. Hoping to establish this species in captivity and get it to the point where they are semi consistently available captive bred in the hobby for people to enjoy. Easily one of the best pet frogs for beginners in my opinion.

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Congratulations! I am always happy to see people succeed with their breeding goals, especially when those goals are unique and long-term. Yours certainly are. Way to go!