Not for breeding purposes but never seen a gecko with this pattern

Hello there! I am so confused on the visuals of this morph. I know theres no 100 percent way to tell the morph without knowing the parents but i was trying to give it a good guess. I do believe it looks like a Mack Snow and perhaps rainwater albino? If someone could help, itd be appreciated.


I don’t know what it is, but it’s beautiful!
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I know! Its definitely unique. By the eyes, i can tell its a type of albino, but it doesnt have the typical red vained and silver eyes of a tremper. In any case, it is a very pretty gecko.

A bit hard to say really.
Albino snow seems likely. I’ve hatched tremper similar to this in the past, but you never know without lineage
I think most that pop through big box pet stores are tremper.

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The eyes is what confused me. I know my other Trempers have the silver like eye color with the red vains. But, i also could be wrong. This gecko just threw me off.

@mblaney :thinking:

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Impossible to know which of the 3 strains of albinism, but it’s one if them for sure! I agree a snow is a good possibility, but that’s also impossible to know. I’m guessing W&Y is in there too, but that’s just a hunch. Beautiful baby, a wonderful find!

So I would say: (Unknown strain of) Albino +/- (unknown strain/type of) Snow +/- W&Y. The only thing you can say with certainty is that the wee one has albinism.