"Not for Sale" vs. "Never for Sale"

Because it is nice to be able to point potential sellers to photos of the parents of hatchlings, I have recently started populating the “Collection” feature of MM. However, because my membership level only allows me 30 ads at any given time, and because I frequently have more than 30 snakes I intend to sell, my “Not For Sale” category is populated in part with hatchlings that I cannot list for sale yet, and partly with my adults and (hopefully) future breeders. In my mind these are very discrete categories and it gets a bit “messy” when I’m searching the “combined NFS list” for a particular animal. Also, it would be nice to be able to see a list that only includes animals I intend to sell so that I can choose which animal(s) to list next. I suppose what I’m asking the community here, is whether or not it would make sense to have an essentially “Never for Sale” category that only includes your pets and animals you intend to keep indefinitely, perhaps because they are part of your long-term breeding plans. Anybody have any ideas/thoughts on this? Thanks!


With so many reptiles you are wanting to sell, have you considered upgrading your account to allow for more ads?

I would think that with so many ready or soon to be ready, that it would be beneficial for you as a business. Unless of course you are not expecting an income from sales to warrant an upgrade.

If you are at the highest tier already as a seller, maybe ask for more space to generate more ads?

I haven’t really looked into upgrading my account yet as I’m literally just starting out. (I have a grand total of 4 BP’s for my project) So I don’t know what the different tiers offer off the top of my head.

For me, Not for sale is the same as Never for sale. The great thing about that tool is that buyers can see what you are breeding and if you decide to go a different direction, or just want to add new blood to your lines, you can always add the new breeders and relist the ones you don’t need anymore for sale.


@snakesmiths I think it’s a good idea and we’ll think about it.

In the meantime a few options for you:

  1. The animals you intend to sell but not yet – leave them as For Sale but set their visibility to Private.
  2. You could also use Tags to manage arbitrary collections of animals like this.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll give those options some consideration. Cheers!


I understand what you mean, Neil. There’s a mental distinction and a difference in long- term planning for animals I intend to keep for years and those I am holding onto for a shorter time but who aren’t for sale at the moment.

In my collection, “Not For Sale” is only for those animals I don’t plan to sell in the foreseeable future. I guess they’re what you’re meaning by “Never For Sale,” although I’m not positive about the “Never” in some cases. Animals I plan to sell but not yet for whatever reason are either not listed at all or later for sale and set to “Unlisted” or “Inactive.” Again, there are some who simply aren’t listed in any way as of yet. (The topic reminds me that I have some I need to add, so thanks for that. )


I think i see what you mean. The parents would be never for sale, so there is no reason to ask about them. On the other hand, some people will list animals too young to sell so they get visibility in advance, but are clear they arent ready yet. If searchinging through for sneak peaks to try and get good animals before they are taken by others, searching through hatchlings not yet ready yet can be beneficial, and a filter to seperate them from adults that arent for sale would/could be nice.


I wonder if there could be a distinction between ‘Not for Sale’ and ‘Produced.’ In my experience it seems most breeders add produced offspring and offspring groups and categorize them as NFS, but then when someone is looking through my store (and when I’m looking through my animals) they all show up, even the animals that are only temporarily listed as NFS by way of not being old enough, haven’t done pricing, etc. I agree with above - to me, a NFS animal is a never-for-sale breeder animal.


Oooh, I really like the idea of a “Produced Here” distinction. I think I understand what you’re saying, but I’m thinking of it in another way. My collection currently includes a number of animals who are third generation BrightHope production. Of course, there are more than a few who aren’t; in fact, I bought two today lol. But it would be cool to denote when multiple generations were produced here.


I think a simple “coming soon” option would solve the whole thing in a very clear way.

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