Not getting notifications?

So I’m only getting notifications when someone likes my post and that’s it. But when I go to topics i created I can see that there are numerous replies but I’m not being notified like I use to. Can someone help clear this up? I also haven’t messed with any of my settings so I dont know what the deal is. Any help is appreciated!

Just tagging you guys so you can hopefully clear this up


Yup same here, been going for for at least a couple days now.

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It has been like this for me as well. Been happening for a few days now.

@ashleyraeanne @meerkatlyndz so you two are also experiencing the same thing? Has been at least 5-7 days for me

Dunno when exactly it started since I am on a lot but merely browse more than talk… But noticed at least 2 days ago. Only faves. Didn’t even get this notification that you mentioned me.

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I didn’t get notified just now when you mentioned me so yep, it is still happening. Has at least been 4 days, maybe more.

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Well I definitely hope its something that can get fixed because its really annoying. I dont like having to manually search for replies to topics I’ve made

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We recently got a update to discourse (the application this forum runs on) so I would say that is the cause.
The discourse team are really quick with replies and sorting bugs out so I wouldn’t worry too much about it :grin:


Same, even with private messages.

Up until now, it’s been hit and miss, with me getting one here and there but I’ve just got a bulk of notifications at once… Are we running smoothly again?

Just got a notification of a thread that’s on the radar for me (I watch the Colubrid topic) and that’s the first one I’ve gotten in at least a week

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What about as a reply on here?

I think I’ve found the issue, the reply to comment button seems to reply to the thread as a whole, not the individual (it doesn’t tag the person you replied too)… So that user gets no notification they have been “mentioned”.

I made this comment using this button:

And it has not tagged you.

But if I use your @meerkatlyndz then you should still get a notification. This is the best bet until it’s sorted.

Got the @ notification but nothing else.

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I got one for your reply then though :thinking::face_with_monocle:

I finally got replies. I think they got backed up or something because I got 6 just now


It’s still messed up for me :woman_shrugging:

A thing I noticed is that I’ll post in a thread, like an introduction thread, and then when I come back in a few hours I’ll see it as a new thread being started - and I’ll go make my way into it to welcome the person to the community, and I’ve already replied to it. Before you click on the thread to go into it, it will even show only two people’s avatars that applied but will show “8 replies” and it throws me off a bit. Did that make sense?

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It makes perfect sense :grin:

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I will notify our discourse support and see what they say.

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Thank you :+1: I had a peep on Meta but I couldn’t find anyone having the same problem.