Not hiding anymore?

My young ball python has recently went through his first shed with me, and since then hasn’t been the same. He used to hide all day and come out at night, but now he’s only laying underneath his half log in the middle of his enclosure. He sits there all day and doesn’t move from there. My temperature for my cool side is 87-89F and my cool side is 75-78F, humidity stays between 56-59%. Anyone know what could be wrong and how I can tackle this? All feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

So sorry I meant my warm side is 87-89F and cool side is 75-78F!!

As long as he isn’t consistently looking for a way out of the enclosure in the daytime, is eating and gaining weight, and you’re providing the temps/humidity you said here, then I wouldn’t worry too much.


I’m really they’re kind of potatoes…lol. Always good to check and double check your husbandry…temps and such but that’s much less concerning than if he was super active.