Not seeing locks

Hey this is my second try at breeding my mystic potion pastel girl bella. She mated with a spider mp last year and he locked every time I paired them. She laid in June. Now I am trying a new boy on her and I haven’t seen them locking at all the last pairing and this pairing (they are currently together) I am wondering if he is just not interested in breeding and I need to find another male I don’t have the spider boy anymore.

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How often are you checking on them? Is it possible they did it quickly and had finished before you looked for a lock?

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You can’t make them go when you want. Your on the females schedule. If she doesn’t want to lock, she’s not going to lock. Males can sometimes be weird, but I wouldn’t jump to the assumption they won’t pair yet. Give them time, try again next month.


It’s early in the “season “ and alot of females don’t lay every single year

And this :point_up:


I had a female lay eggs in 2020, last season she wouldn’t lock with any of my males.

I paired her again starting this season and she locked again.

So yeah, sometimes if a female doesn’t want to breed she just simply won’t.

I’d keep trying though, pairing about once a month or so.

That wasn’t even a full six months ago, maybe you should give her some more time to recover before trying to breed her again.


I definitely agree with all that has been suggested especially what @chesterhf says.


Oh jeeze, yeah I wouldn’t be trying to breed a female so soon. Usually 6-8 months minimum from when they laid is best so they have plenty of time to recover!

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Okay I’ve got a lot of helpful advice. I believe it may be too soon for her and I will wait. Thanks


I agree with all the above, especially the too soon suggestions and he/she is not interested now, but also have a couple more.
Looking too much can disturb them and put them off, looking to little you may miss it.
I only check (carefully) once or twice a day. and If i cant see properly due to position, I do not disturb them further just so I can see.
I don’t need or want to actually see every lock or any. Besides, a lock is no guarantee that eggs will follow. Observing locks is over rated. other signs like female behaviour, how the male and female position when together, follicles and ovulation are better indicators for me of where the female is in cycle.
I have had plenty of clutches (of other snakes) whilst still knowing when the eggs are due, without ever seeing a lock.