Not so much concerned as curious

Whyyyyyy is she pushing her substrate away in her warm hide. This puts her right on the bottom of the tank, directly on top of the heat mat. Her thermostat is set to 90*. There’s about an inch of substrate.

Is that temperature on the top of the substrate or is it 90 on the bare part of the tub?

Pretty sure its 90+ on the bare part. Thermometer reads 86 on top of the substrate.

They like to get to the warm spot. Make sure the bare tub/tank is around 90 you don’t want to burn him. Get a cheap infrared temp gun if you don’t have one. I leave my hot spots bare, it’s easier to regulate a good hot spot temp.

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It is best never to set the thermostat hotter than 90°F (make sure the thermostat is between the UTH and enclosure) even with substrate since they can get under it. I keep both my BPs at 86-88°F on their hotspot. Temps higher than 90°F for long durations can reportedly lead to neurological damage. Just to clarify, the UTH is outside the enclosure, correct?

Sry when I said thermometer, i meant my infrared temp gun read 86 on top of the substrate. And yes, the UTH is outside of the tank, the probe is inside stuck to the bottom of the tank in the middle of the UTH. Thats why I get worried cause my thermostat will read that the heat mat gets up to like 92* (the ITG still reads 83-86) but thats after it has shut the heat off. Shes done this a couple times and every time she does it, I just push the substrate back over where she cleared. I just figure shes trying to get warmer. Im not going to raise the thermostat temp, where shes at has been working fine, shes been having bowel movements so Im not worried about her digestion. I just thought it was weird that she suddenly started doing this.

Definitely not weird. 95 percent of my BPs burrow down to the tub on there hot spot. Like the others said just keep that spot at around 90 degrees. I always temp directly on the tub surface when setting up a new one expecting them to move the substrate.

Two of mine do the same, I was initially trying to calibrate the thermostat so that it was 90* on top of the bedding but they’re clearly happy to overbake themselves so now I just set it at 90* and let them burrow.