Not sure what happened

Breeding was M Caramel Glow x F Butter Ghost with three lock ups. Also Banana Yellowbelly locked with her once.

4 eggs and here are the babies…


Thinking maybe the female butter has proved out to be a het ghost rather than a visual being that there are 2 non visual ghosts in the clutch?

I agree that’s quite possible even though she looks completely like a ghost. I also bred the banana Yellowbelly to her. It’s possible that it’s a dual clutch and half came out ghost butter and the other two butters were from the banana male. I’ve never hatched any of these so it’s also possible those are not butter ghosts but butter bananas? Reason I mention it the regular butters are females and the other two are males. Banana has the sex link trait involved so this could be it too. FYI the pictures are terrible true colors are not shown. Now they are in shed so once they shed I’ll attach new pictures.

Ya I agree she definitely looks ghost so I guess there are a few possibilities here. Time will tell , either way nice looking clutch. Congrats!!!