Not sure what this guy is

Got this guy from the tinley park show along with a female they were both sold to me as normals and the female looks to be Enchi to me and I jus thought the make was a normal but my buddy gave me his normal he jus got from a petco cause he is moving and needed someone to watch it and my “normal” male looks nothing like him. I know they are extremely variable so I was jus wondering if he’s a nice looking normal, a dinker or maybe something else?
First pic is the normal from my buddy the other 3 are the male I’m talking about


this is his sister I believe to be Enchi


The top two are normals, the bottom is an enchi. Good ID!


I believe you are correct on the Enchi. The other one, I am kind of with you. From these these pictures it does seem to be more then a normal. But the lightning could be throwing it off.

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I can get some better pics outside so the lighting is better, he is definitely brighter and has more of a yellow gold tint to him instead of the brown I jus thought he was a normal until my buddy gave me his to watch and threw me off a lil