Not the most illustrious start, but…Babies!

I missed the mark on giving the female all the tools she needed to succeed but despite that, I did get a couple of live babies out of my first Amazon Tree Boa litter. Total was 2 live, 5 stillborn, and 2 slugs.


Congratulations Don! :clap::snake: Those pretty babies look nice and healthy and ready to rock and roll! I’m so sorry about the 5 you lost and the slugs but I’m sure next time will be different! :crossed_fingers::+1:

I know nothing about tree boas. What kind of temperament will these guys have? :thinking:


I’m so sorry about your losses, but those two are super cute! I love the big eyes


They all come out as bitey little shoelaces but most captive bred babies end up really tame. These are first generation (parents are wild caught) so they’re about half and half some nice some aggressive.

There was a bonus baby in the tub the next day so that made me feel a little better but I think my little power outage may been harder on the room than I thought because one of my ball python clutches was a bit of trainwreck too.


All 3 of them together.