Nothing special, my room

The last time I asked for identified for the morph, there was a post asking me to introduce the room behind the picture, so I’m write.

My collection is decorated in the stairway leading up to the breeding room, and it’s quite nice to see.

Hey buddy~ how are you today?

Doesn’t look good.

Anyway this is my breeding room.

Like most rack system, there are no windows in the tub. So it was hard to find a manufacturer that made tubs with windows.

I don’t know what the weather is like in the US, but Korea is very dry in the winter, so I prepared an automatic humidity control system.

Hi Kanbu (name means best friend in Korea also appeared in squid game)
He is 5 years old aldabra.

Nothing special rack system.

Burmese python Piebald.
I think she is pretty enough to offer up my virginity. (of coursly I’m not a vigin).

you know? this is just an exaggerate expression… I’m not a pervert…

Okay, I’ll admit, I guess I’m a bit of a pervert…

Southern white lipped…

Mahogany pied and GHI black pastel pied

And other ballpython (spider DG, Banana DG and etc…)

Most of the snakes I have are ball pythons.

Japanese rat snake and Vietnames beauty rat snakes…

pastel asphalt DG… later really expect that super asphalt DG

Albino carpet I breed

vicious black headed… he bite me a lot…

It’s just super fire, but it’s pretty, so I’m taking it

So. It’s done If I get a chance later, I’ll show you the incubator room and private lab.
thank you for reading this topic guys.
If you have any questions, please ask me a lot. It’s amazing because it’s my first time in an overseas community.

have a nice day~


Extremely nice reptile room you have! Lots of space, clean racks, and tortoise enclosure in the middle! I love those pied burms! That asphalt, pastel, dg was so clean and bright! Very nice collection you have and all your decorations leading to the reptile room is amazing as well! Glad you posted! Everyone loves great reptile pics around here! Keep us updated, especially if you breed and get that super asphalt, dg!


That’s an amazing snake room/house
I only have ball pythons these days but love Elaphe climacophora rat snakes. I miss having them in my collection. its the rare blue colour that I love. Are they indigenous to Korea as well as the country in their common name?

Did you get that from the film set of star wars? :grin:


Beautiful room, beautiful collection. Thank you for sharing your setup. Also welcome to the forum.


Wow! I am just a pet owner but your animals and your breeding rooms are amazing! Welcome to the family, and I do mean family! The people here are very unassuming and kind. Most are breeders like you but some are pet owners like me. There is so much knowledge and expertise here but also there are a lot of caring people and camaraderie as well.

It’s amazing that you seem so close but in reality you are so far away! Technology in this case is a very good thing. This is the only social media I participate in. Don’t be a stranger! You will love it here! Best wishes for your future breeding endeavors! :heart::frog::lizard::snake::blush:


Welcome to the community, what an amazing set up and seriously nice collection


she is not located at Korea I imported from Japan


Super jealous of your set-up and collection! Cool stuff!


Nice setup and collection. You definitely put some time and thought into it.


Very very nice!! I love the racks with the windows!! IMO…they should all be that way. Thanks for sharing…cool to see


Absolutely love the look of your stairwell. And then you hit us with the breeding room and your animals :heart_eyes::star_struck:. Super nice!


Fantastic facility and collection ,must have taken a while regards Tony


You have an amazing room!! Be proud of it! And I love the tubs!

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Absolutely love the tubs with windows. I use the tubs that at least filter light through but I’d much prefer they have windows.