Notifications for the community

Is there anything in the works for getting notified of community reply’s or things? Sometimes it would be nice to know when I’ve been replied to or had a post commented on so I can respond in a timely fashion.

Just a thought. Maybe with the beta app or something.

If you have the app downloaded, you should get notifications. At the bottom of each thread, you can set your level of notification.

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I don’t get any outside of coming into the app and community to see them.

I see your notifications are set as enabled …

Which means at some point or another you have told your devices that you don’t want notifications from chrome/Safari…etc

Try this out, but at step 7 look for “”:

Let me know if that helps.


Ok I did that. I do get pop ups on my computer when something happens but we will have to see if this fixed the app.


Hopefully you get a beautiful notification for this comment…?


Nope … had to go into the app and into the community to see it.

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Hhmm, when you reinstalled the app did you see this notification? -

No. It did not have any pop ups

Just to be sure, check your “site settings” as you did after uninstalling and see if you have both “” and “” in the list.

If so, do the above again but clear both of them.


It’s not all bad though

I’ve been waiting for someone to see the ‘install menu’ I made :sweat_smile:

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It’s not showing either. I’ve uninstalled and re-saved 3 times clearing it each time.

:expressionless:… this no bueno!

I’ll see if anyone else using discourse over on Meta has had the same issue.

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Ok. Thank you

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