November Ball Python and Reptile of the month winners!

Congratulations to both the winners of this month’s BPOTM and ROTM competitions, both amazing pictures and well deserved :blush::clap:

This month’s competition has been won by newcomer SWFL Reptiles and their girl Freckles. Very well done and a fantastic way to break into the community.


This month’s award is more important than you might think as it sees Creatures of Nightshade win their second award, which brings them level with Welsh Morphology (2 wins each) and keeps the fight alive. Well done @creaturesofnightshade

Tomorrow we start the submissions for the final competitions of the year so make sure to get your scaly friends pampered and festive :snowman_with_snow:.


Congratsssssss! :snake:


Definitely well deserved wins for the both of you! The pictures captures each animals beauty in a profound yet tasteful manner.


Amazing stuff.

Thanks Thomas for running this as always!

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No worries at all :grin:

I honestly enjoy seeing the amazing pictures everyone posts.

Not only are we having fun here, everyone is learning the best lighting/scenery/camera mode… etc along the way.