Now the locks are over. How do I get the females (that have laid) and males to eat again

For context, 6 adult females all multiple locked over many months and either eggs laid or showing spine.
One clutch so far, the rest of the females (and males) not eating anymore.
Mating was intense and frequent, but most no one is interested now. :face_exhaling:

So my question is, how do I get both the female/s that has laid eggs and the males feeding again now that the jiggy jiggy time is over? :roll_eyes:
One of my last locks :wink:


The males will generally go back on once they are no longer exposed to females. Try presenting every other week.

For females, once they have laid eggs, remove them from the tub and wash the tub really well and then wash the female herself with a bit of dish soap. You want to get all the egg scent off of her and out of the tub. Add new paper and put her back. Some females will eat immediately, others will need to under go a post-lay shed before they start feeling interested.


I washed both the males and females but only with water.
Maybe I should wash them again with a little mild detergent?

I had become my first Clutch for 2 weeks, after that i was tub and female with Hand soap. After few days she ate with an agresive Strike :slight_smile:. About Male He was 2 or 3 weeks without eat after his last Lock and ate again normal.

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