NR Mandarins het Piebald or Normals het Piebald ID Help

Hello everyone. I purchased these 2 BPs about a year ago as possible NR Mandarin 100% het Piebalds (one Male, one Female). I understand most NR Mandarins can be tricky to ID, especially with the het Piebald influence on color and pattern.

Pairing was a Normal Piebald with a NR Mandarin according to the seller.

I have no clutch pics or pics of the parents.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

First 3 pics are the Female and the 4th, 5th and 6th pics are of the Male.

I believe the Female is Normal and the Male is NR Mandarin.

Thanks again in advance for any and all correspondence.


The female looked normal to me and the male does look like something else is going on. Sorry not much help.

The big question is whether the sellers og Mandarin is actually a Mandarin. So many were miss-identified early on. I Can’t see much going on with either of these but single gene Mandarin are really very subtle. Hopefully someone with hands-on Mandarin experience can chime in…