Obligatory Introduction

Hello all my name is Mike, Im not only introducing myself to this forum but this is my first introduction to any forum. No I haven’t been living under a rock just a typical introvert getting the info i needed and thats it… Im hoping to discover like minded people and learn and teach as much as possible. Im not new to Herping but always will have lots more to learn. So :wave: and I can’t wait to meet some of you.


Welcome! I definitely understand being an introvert haha, I can be the same way a lot of the time. Lovely snake there!
I hope you enjoy it here! :grin:


Thank you for your warm welcome, the pic is of “Midas” Banana Enchi Pastel this upcoming fall will be his first year breeding, he is 730g 2yrs. He is not one of ours but purchased from an amazing person and small time breeder on morphmarket.


Ooh, good luck with that! Banana is one of my favorite morphs, there’s so many things I think it looks good with :grin:

Welcome to the community Mike!