October 2022 Newsletter Vol II

The reptile community is in search of your greatness, and we are going to help them find it. Introducing a bombshell feature with a twist.

In Search Of & Follower Alerts

Sharing Search Alerts
MorphMarket users can now get email & mobile notifications when animals they have been looking for hit the market. This is also known as “In Search Of” alerts.

But it gets better for Breeders. You can preconfigure ANY search alert and share it with others. With only a couple of clicks, your fans can start receiving notifications of your newly listed animals.

Use Case: Create Sharable Alert for Your New Listings (shown in video above)

  1. Visit the new search page.
  2. Under the “Seller” filters, choose your own store (on mobile, filters are under the sliders icon).
  3. Hit the “Save Search” button (on mobile, it’s the heart icon). Optionally set a name like “JDC Listings” and enable an alert.
  4. Click “Share” to copy the link.
  5. Paste that link into an email or share it on Facebook with your followers.

All they have to do is follow the link and click “Save”, and they’ll start getting alerts every time you post a new listing! This will really keep your fans engaged.

Online Herping Like a Boss

Intro to Online Herping
Recently we added the new animal search with many new filters. Now, you can really dial in for certain trait combos. Let’s look at that in detail.

For a while now you’ve been able to:

  • Choose traits you want to include and exclude .
  • If you want to ONLY match animals with this exact combo , check the box “No additional traits”.
  • If you want to control the total number of traits in the animal, set min and max values.

Trait Counting is the new killer search feature. It allows you to require certain kinds of extra traits . Let’s say you are looking for a Firefly (Pastel Fire) Ball Python, but you also want it to include:

  • +1 visual recessive : Put min 1, max 1 and under counting choose Visual Recessives .
  • +Double hets : Put min 2, max 2 and under counting choose Het Recessives .
  • +2 or more of any recessive form : Put min 2, and under counting choose Any Recessive . This could match a “Firefly TSK Axanthic het Pied” or a “Firefly TSK Axanthic Pied”.

Of course that’s just the genetics. You can also add around 30 extra filters to further control your matches. Examples include:

  • Limit to a single seller
  • Limit to all sellers you follow
  • Limit to sellers with USARK badge
  • Limit to those with payment plans on animals as low as $500
  • And on and on…

You spent all that time to setup the search so Save it. You want us to let you know when one hits the market? Turn on the Alert. Let the fun begin.

Watch this video to see it in action!

Genetics Testing is Now

Shed Testing from RGI on MorphMarket is live. Anyone can place orders now.

In addition, Dr. Seidel at Eastern Michigan has decoded the YB complex! As a result, RGI’s tests now includes 11 Ball Pythons morphs with more coming. Learn more.

As temps drop, shipping practices become especially important. To promote animal safety, Judy has added some Shipping FAQs. Did you know that this is the same Judy who used to work for SYR and now works independently for Redline Shipping? This is great news for MorphMarket sellers. If you need help finding great rates for shipping or to learn more about the shipping process, she’s there for you!

MorphMarket recommends Redline Shipping because Robyn and his team draw on decades of experience to provide a superior online experience, highly competitive rates, and great customer support. Try them out with two deeply discounted shipments using the code MORPH60 .

Also Notable

  • Snappier Messenger : We fixed a super annoying Messenger bug that caused it to be laggy, especially on mobile devices.
  • Tinley Park Interview : Brian Kusko interview John/MorphMarket and Ben/RGI where they discuss new features and genetic testing.
  • Trait Update : A few dozen trait updates were made. Instructions on requesting updates are found here.
  • Streamlined Onboarding: We simplified the User Profile and Store Profile pages to get users more quickly engaging in business with you.
  • Animal Availability : New search’s default only includes For Sale animals. You can also find On Hold animals by changing the Availability setting. Those ads are now kept in order instead of being placed at the end.

In the Lab

What’s the nerd squad up to now?

  • Breeding Projects & Pairing System to help you plan and track your breeding season, which converts ovulations into Offspring and then Listings . One seamless system from pairing to payments.
  • Messenger enhancements for true real-time interaction.
  • Navigation redesign that will help you zip around the site faster and find all the features.
  • Even more projects mentioned in the last letter!

User Feedback

We value all feedback, both positive and critical. Here’s a few that blessed us:

So much credit to give to John for what he’s done with MorphMarket . He legitimately saved the reptile industry. Think about 2020. Nobody could go to shows. Nobody could meet up. Nobody could link. It was all on MorphMarket . — MJ from Trap Talk Podcast

Seven years since we got on board with John Lehmann MorphMarket . It’s been a blast and bless to watch not only my own company grow but to watch MorphMarket evolve into what it is today. —Tim Harvey

Love the push notification. I find myself responding to customers much quicker these days. — Mark Cole

This app needed this. Quicker response means quicker sales capture. Well done. Enjoying it already. — Anthony Zavala


One of the most overlooked opportunities in life is how you are positioned when circumstances hit. Good positions create options, while bad positions reduce them. You don’t have to be an expert decision-maker to get better results, you only need to put yourself in a good position. Anyone looks like a genius when all the options are good. Good positions are expensive, but poor ones cost a fortune. — Farnam Street Blog

This quote reminds me of our current economic situation. Most things are outside of your control, but you can do things to improve your position.

At MorphMarket our job is to put tools into your hands to improve your position. For example, with the Alerts mentioned above, buyers can more easily and consistently find your animals. Equip your followers with Alerts so they don’t miss anything!

Reptile keepers are in search of greatness. We connect them with you.

It’s our pleasure to serve you!

John & Team