October Newsletter!

We’re dropping new features year round, but this week is extra exciting. We’ve done a big push to launch projects we’ve been working on for months, including the new apps, push notifications, and searches!

iOS & Android Apps

You can now install the MorphMarket app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. The app provides push notifications that will alert you when you receive a message from another user. This is a game-changer for communication on MorphMarket !

Moving forward, we will leverage notifications to alert you to other important events such as the kind explained next. Learn more.

New Search & Alerts

Making it easy to find very specific animals has always been core to our mission. We just launched a new animal search that is WAY more powerful. It contains over 30 filters AND the ability to save your searches!

The best part is you can enable email and notification alerts for your searches. The alerts are not yet going out (but will be within days) so setup your searches now. Learn more.

Genetics Testing Update

In case you missed it, read our announcement about genetic testing for reptiles. If you are not on the waiting list you should sign up now to get updates.

Our system has already processed real orders, and we’ll be expanding the invites immediately. RGI has 5 Ball Python morph tests ready with more being added this week, among other tests.

Tinley Park Vendor List

Time for the super bowl of expos! Tinley Park NARBC is this weekend in Chicago, IL. Our Interactive Vendor List and Map will set you up for success both before the show and also during. Learn more or go straight to the Tinley Park Vendor List.

Reptile Rescue Partners

MorphMarket is joined by Redline Shipping and Research Associates Laboratory to support legitimate reptile rescues with the BEST discounts in the industry! Learn more.

Pairing System - Feedback Requested!

In 2021, we announced that MorphMarket was going beyond buying & selling. Since then we’ve delivered a number of key features for animal management including:

  • Animal Manager with support for not-for-sale animals
  • Collections for showcasing breeders & holdbacks
  • Offspring Groups for tracking litters, clutches & lineage for all species

Everyone loves a good “prequel”. The prequel here is the Pairing System , which will connect the major stages in the breeding cycle. It will allow you to associate the males and females you intend to breed and model outcomes. Key breeding events will be recorded. And finally the ovulation events will generate Offspring Groups.

We have plans for this system but want your input! Please provide input and feature requests in this survey.

Also Notable

  • New Store Search is launched, with more powerful search and filtering, and support for different kinds of reptile organizations.
  • Brian Kusko walks you through adding your Not For Sale animals to MorphMarket using Import 2.0.
  • Don Soderberg (@don_soderberg), author of Cornsnakes in Captivity, has joined our Morphpedia editorial team!

In the Lab

What’s the nerd squad up to now?

  • Orders & Payments through the site, with Customer Management, Shipping Label Creation , and Animal Transfer to follow. One seamless system from shopping to shipping.
  • Breeding Pairing System (mentioned above) to help you plan and track your breeding season, which converts ovulations into Offspring Groups and then Listings . One seamless system from pairing to payments. Don’t forget to send feedback in this survey.
  • Messenger enhancements for better real-time interaction.
  • Videos that can be easily uploaded right to MorphMarket to increase buyer engagement with your animals.
  • Navigation redesign that will help you zip around the site faster.

User Feedback

We value all feedback, both positive and critical. Here’s a few that blessed us:

I’m LOVING the push feature. So excited to not feel like a crack head checking MM every 5 min now. So freaking necessary. – Seth Hoffpauir, Huffs Herps

Your site is incredible and has allowed me to reach amazing breeders that I might have otherwise missed out on. I have already made a few purchases with perfect results so far. Truly, one of the greatest sites on the web. – Sandy K

This [Tinley Vendor Map] is awesome and I’m sure you’ve seen us all post it. Thank you so much for creating a great product. – Dennis McNamara, DJM Reptiles


You know the hard work it takes to build a reptile collection and business.

Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant. — William A. Ward

We have been “planting seeds” in building these new features for many months. You can now reap the harvest of benefits that will make your hobby or business more successful. But we are not letting up — lots of great stuff is coming.

We look forward to seeing many of you at Tinley Park! Please come by to chat with us about these new developments. If not, we’ll see you online of course. :wink:


John & Team
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I got the app all set up!!!

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same here and I love it (:


I got the app too :grin:

Can’t wait to start using it

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