OD? OD YB? or OD YB Enchi? Het Pied

So I got this guy from one of the big players on MM. I’m very pleased, no complaints. Sold to me as OD Het Pied.

Parental pairing was Enchi het Pied x OD YB Pied GeneX

He’s is a remarkable specimen in my relatively new opinion. Today he shed, and I took some pictures. His colors are so vibrant I started to question if he maybe has YB in him. Then I got looking at the striped pattern and thought perhaps Enchi. I looked at he parents pairing and I see both of those genes.

See the pics. Sorry they aren’t the best. One handed with a snake is challenging.

I know I’m likely ‘seeing what I want to see’ and chasing something in my mind, but what do you think? Am I nuts?

OD? OD YB? or OD YB Enchi? all will be 100% het pied.

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This is a pic from his last shed of his whole body.


looks to be exactly what it was sold to you as od, can’t say if it is het pied or not by looking at it.

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Thank you for the input. I’m very pleased with this snake. It just gets brighter and more vivid each shed.

I won’t have a female het pied ready to pair him with until next season, so it will be a bit before the het pied is proven out. The waiting and anticipation is all part of the fun.