OD Spider Pairing

Hello all!

This is a long ways away because our boy is still very young but…

We have an orange dream spider het clown male. What pairing combo does everyone recommend? We’ve got a few ideas in mind but wanted to see what everyone else thought would make some beautiful babies.

For everyone’s info, our boy does NOT show any wobble symptoms and we understand that some people are against breeding spiders


Welcome to the forum and welcome to 2024! At least this is my first reply in 2024!

You have a very pretty boy there and that is all I can say with confidence! :rofl: because I know nothing about morphology :joy: or parings for breeding!

Others will jump in with advice for you! Happy New Year! :fireworks::balloon::confetti_ball:


If I was breeding him,I would try to find a clown female. That would at least give you 100% het clowns and not 50 or 66% possible hets. It also means that you won’t end up with a baby that’s 100% wild type/normal/classic. Lol. They can be harder to rehome.

From there, it’s really up to you on what you want to produce. Just as long as you’re careful to avoid most of the other spider complex genes aside from blackhead.


Absolutely love spider! But i would say anything with clown and possible od and blackhead as well. Happy new year and love the baby!