Odd hognose dark normal or morph?

This dark colored hognose hatched the other day. He is 1 of 9 from a het albino pos het lavender to a pos het lavender. He is the only dark hatchling all the others are very light tan. He has a completely brown head with no pattern on the top. He also has a completely black belly. There is a picture with him and a sibling also pictures of the parents.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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Very cool. The variability within even a single clutch is one of my favorite things about Western Hognose. If you have the room you should make a project out of it.

Yea, he is definitely a keeper. I’m curious what he will produce.

I had a few that came out pretty dark, not as dark as yours but still darker than what I thought was normal. some of them changed color dramatically after their second shed.

I’ve been thinking about that. If he will lighten up as he grows. I’m hoping he stays dark and will be the start of a new project.

Yeah, a nice dark line would be a fun project. I was going to hold back my dark one until he shed and turned into one of the brightest of the bunch.

This was my dark one.

Nice, what kind of hognose projects do you have going on?

I’m just getting started. So far we have:


  • 3 normal females that failed to prove het axanthic
  • 1 holdback female with nice reds, double 50% pos het snow
  • 1 Super conda, het albino
  • 1 Albino hatchling coming soon


  • 1 Normal
  • 1 het snow
  • 1 albino

Its going to be a bunch of albino stuff for a while, I will be investing in more stuff next year. I really want some arctic in the collection and I am keeping an eye out for a female that can produce snow with my male, double het would be ideal because I love getting a variety of hatchlings from a clutch.

3 normal females

Female super conda, het albino

Holdback female, I hate this picture because I had to turn up the red tint to get her color right and its pretty obvious that the picture has been adjusted.

Male albino