Off food/shedding cycles

As most experience this time of the year, my males are off food. Theyre young, 6 months being the youngest of the ones off food. After talking with an experienced breeder, he assured me it was normal, and so long as theyre not losing weight, dont stress.

That said, i still offer food, i still am doing weekly well checks and with those three im checking weights every three-ish weeks. I did a full bin clean 17 days ago, and one male in particular had a shed. So within the last 2 ish months he had shed. Hes been off food that entire time period. Hes a small male, small out of the egg, took some time to get on unscented, and last weight was 9.66g. However, offering food today i noticed hes going into blue again! Eyes are opaque, belly dull.

Im just curious if others have noticed non-eating animals, not in brumation, still going thru sheds?