Official goodbye to the hobby

As much as I wanted to delay this for many years, something unfortunately has came up along with my mental and physical health getting worse, and I have decided I’m officially stopping any future breeding plans and will be Rehoming most of my collection (except a few pets because I still want to enjoy these amazing animals).

I appreciate all the people that have helped me during these last 4 years, and the wonderful people on here that have answered my questions!

I hope to keep a few more snakes in the future, but as for breeding ball pythons it’s time for me to rehome my breeding collection to people that could hopefully use them. Gonna miss them though! They’ve been so wonderful to have these past few years :sob:

Again, thank you to everyone here thats helped me or even just discussed topics with me! I’ll still post in threads with photos but this is probably the last topic I create

A few photos of me with the noodles :two_hearts:


I hate to see anyone throw in the towel but circumstances as they are , I completely understand.
Take care and God bless.
We wish you nothing but the best @artisticserpents


Ya know sweetie, as young as you are, you are just closing one chapter in your life only to start a new chapter to hopefully concentrate on healing your mental and physical health. I am truly sorry to hear that you are having issues with both. But I can certainly identify with you.

As for the hobby, I’m am pretty sure it will still be around if and when you decide to come back to it. I’m glad you are holding onto some of your animals. You need to keep at least one of them to hang around and on you because I don’t care what anyone says, snakes are mentally comforting.

All the very best to you dear girl! Maybe someday down the road you will decide to jump into breeding again. But get well first. That’s the most important direction to take for you right now…….



I appreciate your kind words! These snakes have gotten me through so much since I turned 16. And now at 20 I think it’s just time to focus more on myself. I have time in my future if I want to come back, and who knows? I still find breeding exciting. But i owe it to myself, and these snakes, to take better care of myself.

Im keeping the original 4 snakes I had as pets since I was 16, and then the boa I got last year (because she was my dream snake to get). I know I want to get some cool species in the future, always wanted a pair of white lipped pythons. But it’s a much easier thing to take care of fewer animals, mentally and physically. One day I’ll be back posting some more dream snakes I’ve picked up over the years!

I want to spark the passion I had for my snakes like I used to, and I think relieving my mental health and the workload of all these animals will really help with that


Don’t get rid of your equipment! You’ll need it when you come back to the hobby in future years.