Officinalis "Spain" hypo/silver project!

Some pretty cool silver / hypo Officials are popping out of my Spain colony, will see where this project leads me. Hoping more will pop up, but only time will tell. These guys get pretty large as well and are way more likely to just chill in a ball than mover round like most other isopods. Plus they make noises which is super cool!


They make NOISES? What do they sound like? Somehow that makes them even cuter.


I heard that it is a hissing sound. I believe there are some videos of it on youtube. I don’t keep them so correct me if i am wrong


Those are super cool! Though I don’t keep any myself (… yet), that species has always looked super cute to me. The reduced pigmentation makes them look like adorable, friendly little ghost isopods. :ghost:


I used to own Madagascar hissing coaches. The sound was the best. They would hiss when you put food in the cage.

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