Offspring Groups

Offspring Groups is a new animal management feature on MorphMarket which enables breeders to track and showcase the lineage of their reptiles’ clutches and litters.

As a breeder, this is useful for record keeping year over year. In addition to tracking lineage, it records which females were bred and their productivity. These animals can also be easily converted to listing for sale later.

Offspring Groups are also useful to prospective customers who can see photos and details of an animals parents and siblings. This gallery allows a breeder’s experience to speak for itself.

This functionality was previously only available to a handful of elite breeders with custom websites. Now the ability to track and showcase your breeding history is accessible to thousands of breeder across the world at no additional cost.


I just started adding all my offspring groups from this season, really like this feature!

I wonder if it would be helpful to add the ability to input confirmed locks? With ball pythons especially this could be interesting to track who a likely sire will be, how many locks it took to bring a female to ovulation, etc. The option to add an ovulation date and having the system auto generate an expected pip/birth date could be useful as well.

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It would indeed be helpful :wink:

This whole system is in its very early stages and we are going to have a lot of helpful additions like this along the way. Please share absolutely any ideas you have… no matter how big or small :blush:

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You guys are doing incredible work. I’m from the era where we posted everything in a text list that looked like it was from the 90’s. Our hobby has come a long way.

I’ll probably think of more as I go but right now I think some helpful additions for us ball python breeders are:

  1. Confirmed locks
  2. Ovulation Date
  3. Pre-Lay Shed Date

With ovulation/pre-lay shed dates a likely pip date could be auto-generated. There’s some variance among ball python breeders regarding incubation temperatures and corresponding incubation period, so it might be necessary to add the ability for users to adjust their ovulation/pre-lay shed to expected pips (for some it might be 55 days, others 65+, etc). Expected pip dates are fairly important because I like to keep a close eye on things to make sure there are no complications and gather eggs as quickly as possible so they’re easy to pull apart.

That’s all I can think of for now, thanks a bunch!