Oklana Zoological

Our business, while a new name to the scene, is actually owned by not one, but two, longtime members of the herp community!

We are Noah Bounds of formerly The Living Palette and Meredith “soon-to-be-Bounds” Johnson of Flashpoint Geckos. Noah has been herping in his own backyard for more than 15 years and breeding cresties for a decade. Meredith has been keeping leos and cresties and admining a wide number of leo related groups since 2013. We fell in love and are getting married this fall, and we decided to not only become one in marriage and start a new family, but also become one in business. That is how Oklana was born!

While we will still be specializing in high end cresties and leos as in the past, we also have a few other species we will be expanding to. We will have gargoyles, CB tokays, various Eublepharis species (fuscus, hardwickii, angramainyu), leachies, and a few different unusual snake species!

2020 and beyond are looking bright, so keep an eye on us!


Noah, what a sweet love story, congratulations to you guys.

Great to have you here to represent the Gecko community!

Hi Noamere! :slight_smile:

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