Old Lizard Enclosure/New Snake Room

Old Lizard Enclosure/ New Snake Room :heart_eyes:
Not Big but will easily get 5x 12level 33ltr Racks in, a decent sink and maybe some Hatching/ Growing on racks.
Floor down tomorrow and sink in then just back wall to insulate a tidy up with a lick of stain, Lyno down and then just to make some of our original DTP Racks and some for Ashlie while I at it and at least then it gives us a bit of breathing room :+1:


Super nice! That’s one thing I wish I had was a sink in my reptile area. Having to walk back and forth to the bathroom is not ideal. Smart doing it yourself, hopefully not to bad money wise, even with the crazy prices of material!


Yeh glad not building it from scratch again, prices are crazy and my mate gave me the 2nd hand sink but it like new so it not been bad at all really, but yeh a sink in ya snake room is a Godsend :+1:

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